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PACUCOA Accreditation

Accreditation consists of eight phases:


The orientation on accreditation visit


The self-survey activities


The preliminary visit (for Candidate Status)


The formal visit (for Level 1 Accreditation Status)


The re-accreditation visit (for Level II Reaccredited Status)


The level III phase (for Level III Reaccredited Status)


The level IV phase


Institutional Accreditation phase

Accreditation Levels and Benefits

Candidate Status


Programs that have at least undergone a preliminary survey visit and are certified by FAAP as being capable of acquiring accredited status within one or two years.

No special benefits

Level I / Level II: Accredited Staus


Programs which have at least been granted an initial accredited status by any of the member agencies of the FAAP, and whose status is certified by the latter.

  1. full administrative deregulation,​

  2. financial deregulation in terms of setting of tuition and other fees and charges

  3. authority to revise the curriculum without CHED approval

  4. priority in the awards of grants/subsidies or funding assistance from CHED/DepEd.

Level III: Reaccredired Status


Programs that have been reaccredited and which have met the additional criteria or guidelines set by FAAP.

  1. all the benefits for level I/II

  2. authority to offer new courses allied to existing level III courses without the need for prior approval.

  3. privilege to offer open learning/distance education.

  4. privilege to offer extension classes and transnational education

Level IV - Accredited Status


Programs that have been highly respected as very high academic programs in the Philippines and with prestige and authority comparable to similar programs in excellent foreign universities

  1. all the benefits for level I, II and III

  2. Grant of full autonomy for the program for the duration of its Level IV accredited status.

  3. Authority to offer new graduate programs allied to existing Level IV courses, open learning/distance education and extension classes without need for prior approval by CHED provided that the concerned CHEDRO is duly informed.

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